How to Order

Please email the image number, the page it's on, and the approximate size that you want.


The order will normally be shipped within three business days.

Print Information

The images through the end of 2004 have originated from film, either B&W negative film (e.g. Ilford Delta 100 or FP4 Plus), or colour transparency film (Fuji Velvia or Provia), and then scanned into digital format using a high resolution Nikon scanner.  Images since 2005 have been digitally captured.


The images are then processed using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop software.  The intent  has generally been to create a digital image true to the tones, colour and mood of the original scene.  Typically this involves similar manipulation to that achieved through conventional wet chemistry printing processes.  As you can see, however, some of the images have been intentionally manipulated to generate some artistically different effects.  The prints in the size ranges given above are all now made on an Epson Stylus Photo 3800 inkjet printer, which uses UltraChrome pigment-based inks with excellent colour range.  The combination of these inks and acid-free professional inkjet papers provide a print that has archival longevity rivaling that of standard commercial chemical prints.  (For more detailed information on archival testing please see the web site for Wilhelm Imaging Research.)  Larger print sizes can also be provided, so please contact us with your requests.


Colour matching.

Care has been taken to match the working monitor and the printer output.  The web images are also brought as close to the master files as reasonably possible, given the different colour gamuts involved.  What you see on your monitor may be slightly different, depending on many factors.  When ordering prints, please expect some differences in the printed image from what you see on your screen.


Mounting of prints.

For optimum print colour fastness, it is recommended that the prints are mounted to acid-free mat board, under glass and displayed out of direct sunlight.

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